Transformers: The Movie

The "Trade Trailer"
Unicron eating Lithone
Autobots - Ultra Magnus in Diaclone colors
Ultra Magnus in Diaclone colors
There does exist animated footage that was not used in the movie. During the early stages of production, some animation was produced in an attempt to assemble a rough "trade trailer" that could be used to shop the film around to potential distributors. This trailer was never releaed in theaters. While much of the footage did end up being used in the final cut of the movie, a lot of it did not. Such 'lost footage' includes additional shots of Unicron eating Lithone, a completely white Autobot City with a differently colored Ultra Magnus (which are actually his original Diaclone toy colors), a completely different version of the scene in which Kup tells the Dinobots about the "gigantic igyak," and the Unicron transformation sequence which is about the same as the final cut except for the editing and one shot with Galvatron falling. (Since this sequence was filmed much earlier than the later shots involving Unicron, Unicron's head is drawn differently in later scenes than in this one, as is the Matrix.)
The entire 'trade trailer' is about 3-4 minutes long.

Download the trailer here:
Trailers and TV Spots
White Autobot City
Blue Autobot Shuttle
Kup tells a story
Galvatron with The Matrix

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