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Last Updated: Monday, August 28, 2006

11/7/06: Sony/BMG DVD released in stores
Sony/BMG has released a new 20th Anniversary DVD version of THE Transformers: The Movie, which is out in stores now. We here received our copy a week late and have been so far slow to report, but look forward to a detailed review soon.
In the meantime, here is a quick break-down:

The BAD:

8/8/06: Back on the air - Happy 20th Anniversary, TFTM!
Twenty years ago today The Transformers: The Movie was released in movie theaters throughout the United States. Now it is the year 2006, and to commemorate, TFTM.NET has returned to the Internet after another long hiatus. Look for unbiased reviews of the UK Metrodome and upcoming Sony/BMG DVD's, as well as many more updates in the near future!

While this website will frequently add news reports regarding the upcoming Dreamworks/Paramount Michael Bay live-action Transformers movie, the majority of the site will remain a dedication to the 1986 animated movie. Those looking for information about the new live action movie can visit

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8/8/06: Sony/BMG DVD news:
The following is a press release from Sony/BMG regarding their upcoming DVD release:

Transformers: The Movie - Sony/BMG 2006 DVD

Ultimate TRANSFORMERS Limited Edition DVD To Feature Three Versions Of Film; Commentary Tracks and Interviews; Sneak Peak At Next Summer's Major Motion Picture Event; And Much More

Legendary Artist Don Figueroa Crafts Exclusive New "Transforming" Cover Art For This DVD

New York, New York, July 21, 2006 - SONY BMG Music Entertainment will help usher in the next phase of TRANSFORMERS mania as it unveils the specifics of its November 7th release of TRANSFORMERS: The Movie 20th Anniversary Special Edition DVD. Since announcing the title in June, fans have been clamoring for more details nearly as much as Decepticons clamor for Energon and they will not be disappointed. Sony BMG Home Entertainment has gone to painstaking lengths to put together the ultimate package that will surely appeal to the huge, passionate and multi-generational TRANSFORMERS fan base. For the 20th anniversary edition, Sony BMG Home Entertainment completely re-mastered and color-corrected the film and will present Optimus Prime, Megatron and the rest of the star-studded Autobots and Decepticons in true splendor through three distinct versions:
  • 16 X 9 WIDESCREEN PRESENTATION which has not been seen anywhere since the movie was in theaters 20 years ago.
  • AUTOBOT MATRIX OF KNOWLEDGE PRESENTATION Truly showcasing the pop culture phenomenon that is THE TRANSFORMERS, SONY BMG has created a special version of the film for the DVD release. The Autobot Matrix of Knowledge will feature trivia and fun facts about the movie itself, the TRANSFORMERS brand, and the pop culture references in which TRANSFORMERS has been spoofed/tributed. Approximately 100 fun facts will show up on screen throughout the movie. Many of the factoids were provided by fans through a special DVD site created by Sony BMG to solicit input -- marking the first time that the huge TRANSFORMERS fan base has ever been asked to participate in the creation of a TRANSFORMERS home entertainment release.
Adding to the excitement for this DVD, Sony BMG Home Entertainment has partnered with Paramount Pictures to provide a behind-the-scenes sneak peak at next summer's highly anticipated TRANSFORMERS live action movie event. The special feature segment on the DVD will include comments from Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg who share their vision and passion for TRANSFORMERS.

TRANSFORMERS: The Movie 20th Anniversary Special Edition DVD will take viewers even more inside this cult favorite than ever before through all-new interviews and first-time-ever commentary tracks. Exclusive new interviews with director Nelson Shin, story consultant Flint Dille and Sue Blu, the voice of fan-favorite Arcee, are included in this fantastic new special edition DVD.

To further commemorate the 20th anniversary of the film, SONY BMG is providing fans with some extra-celebratory content that lets them track back to the true origins of the TRANSFORMERS. After careful consideration and preparation, Sony BMG has scoured the archives for the best TRANSFORMERS-related footage available, and the DVD will include the original commercials for the toy line and movie -- allowing viewers to see how and where the phenomenon began.

Beyond the actual DVD content, Sony BMG Home Entertainment is expanding the DVD's collectibility to the packaging itself. The company has commissioned fan-favorite artist Don Figueroa to create the imagery for a special "transforming" cover. Through his much-heralded work with TRANSFORMERS, Don's art brings to life the characters so many have grown to love. With Optimus Prime appropriately situated in a position of prominence on the cover, the Autobot leader is joined by Megatron, Bumblebee, Starscream, Blaster and more of the most popular TRANSFORMERS characters on the first image of the special "transforming" cover.

TRANSFORMERS: The Movie features the voice of Orson Welles in his final role, as well as stars Eric Idle, Judd Nelson, Leonard Nimoy, Casey Kasem, Robert Stack, John Moschitta, Peter Cullen, and Frank Welker. The DVD also features a winning soundtrack featuring the iconic theme "The TRANSFORMERS" performed by Lion, and the popular "The Touch," performed by Stan Bush. The movie, set in 2005, chronicles the efforts of the heroic Autobots to defend their home of Cybertron from the evil Decepticons and Unicron, a huge robotic creature that devours planets.

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