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Rather than just re-use themes from the television series (as was later done with G.I.Joe: The Movie), Sunbow contacted Scotti Brothers Records about adding a heavy metal edge to the soundtrack. Rocky IV composer Vince DiCola was also hired to write the synthesized techno-rock score, which would tie in well with the heavy metal songs. Stan Bush's upbeat rock music gives the movie it's inspirational motive, N.R.G.'s "Instruments of Destruction" sets the tone for the movie's villains, Lion's rendition of the theme song redefines the sound of the series, and Canadian metal band Kick Axe (aka "Spectre General" on the Scotti Brothers U.S. label) contributes to the soundtrack with two driving metal songs.

Vince DiCola

Perhaps one of the first influential electronic musicians in the field of film scoring, Vince DiCola received his first success in Hollywood co-writing eight songs for the hit film Staying Alive, including the Frank Stallone song "Far From Over", which features Vince on keyboards. His work on that film led to even greater success when he wrote the memorable score to Rocky IV, and later TF:TM. He is a regular attendee at Transformers conventions and has continued to compose new Transformer-themed works. The Rhino DVD of TF:TM features an insightful interview with DiCola.

The song "The Touch", written by Stan Bush and Lenny Macaluso, was used in the 1997 film Boogie Nights, performed (in an intentionally horrible manner) by "Marky" Mark Wahlberg's character. This version of the song is on the soundtrack as one of the "hidden tracks".

The following CD's all have music from the movie or relate to the movie in some way:

U.S. Vinyl Album Cover
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The motion picture soundtrack was distributed by Scotti Bros. Records. It was originally released on vinyl record and cassette, and has been released in the U.S. on CD by Scotti Brothers Records and later was re-released by a company called Volcano. While the original soundtrack is very cool, and makes great driving music, it is unfortunate that so much of Vince DiCola's instrumental score has been omitted from it.
Here is a track listing:
1. The Touch - performed by Stan Bush
2. Instruments of Destruction - performed by N.R.G.
3. Death of Optimus Prime - performed by Vince DiCola
4. Dare - performed by Stan Bush
5. Nothin's Gonna Stand In Our Way - performed by Kick Axe (aka Spectre General)
6. The Transformers (Theme) - performed by Lion
7. Escape - performed by Vince DiCola
8. Hunger - performed by Kick Axe (aka Spectre General)
9. Autobot/Decepticon Battle - performed by Vince DiCola
10. Dare to Be Stupid - performed by "Wierd Al" Yankovic
Since the CD insert does not contain lyrics, here they are: Movie Soundtrack Lyrics

Japanese Soundtrack Cover
Item out of print
The soundtrack was released in Japan around the same time as the film was released there on Laserdisc. (Probably some time around 1989.) Since I do not have a copy of this version I cannot confirm it. Please contact the webmaster if you have additional information about this release.

Vince DiCola - Til All Are One
Item out of print
The rest of the musical score (including the ominous "Unicron's Theme") by Vince DiCola was originally released in 1997 as a two-CD set. Entitled "Til All Are One," these CD's contain all of the music that is in the movie that is NOT on the soundtrack, with an additonal disc entitled "Call To Action" which contains additional previously released and non-released Stan Bush anthems and "action themes". The musical score disc also contains a different version of the Transformers theme song performed by Stan Bush, as well as an unused piece entitled "Legacy" that DiCola composed as a demonstration to the producers.
The full-color cover artwork was drawn by legendary TF comic artist Andrew Wildman, with help from Glen Hallit.
This set was released for the Botcon 1997 convention for limited release only and has been discontinued. Good luck finding this set on Ebay.

Stan Bush - Call To Action
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Stan Bush The second disc of the "Til All Are One" set, entitled "Call To Action", has been released independently by L.A. Records with a different cover. It contains additional themes from films and TV, including re-recorded versions of "Dare" and "The Touch", as well as "Never Surrender" from the movie "Kickboxer", "Capture The Dream" from the 1996 Olympic Games, plus some new titles, all containing "action" themes.
Here is a track listing:
1. The Touch (1997 Remix)
2. Never Surrender - from the movie Kickboxer - new recording
3. Hold Your Head Up High - from the album Dial 818-888-8638
4. Straight to the Top - from the album Every Beat of My Heart
5. Dare (1997 Remix)
6. Critical Mass - featuring Vince DiCola - new recording
7. Ground Zero (BotCon Theme)
8. Capture the Dream - from the 1996 Summer Olympics
9. Total Surrender - from the album Dial 818-888-8638
10. Highest Calling - new recording

Vince DiCola - Lighting Their Darkest Hour
Item out of print
The entire musical score by Vince DiCola (including the tracks previously omitted from the "Til All Are One" set that were on the original soundtrack) was re-released in its entirety on a CD entitled "Lighting Their Darkest Hour". This disc, released in limited numbers at Botcon 2001, has been discontinued but can more easily be found than the original 2-disc set. It features a modified version of the original artwork by Wildman and Hallit, with a Beast Wars-style Matrix/Spark Chamber courtesy of Mainframe Entertainment. The order of the tracks (and some of the track names themselves) have been altered slightly to match the order of the scenes from the final film.
Missing from this set is the "Legacy" track and all the songs (with vocals) not by DiCola on the soundtrack. It does, however, include the piece "Attack on the Shuttle" which was later replaced by N.R.G.'s "Instruments of Destruction" in the film.
Here is a track listing:
1. Unicron's Theme 18. Escape
2. Main Title 19. Pursuit
3. 2005 20. Arrival on Junk
4. "More Luck Than You Imagine" 21. Unwelcome Visitors
5. Attack on the Shuttle 22. An Unexpected Friend
6. Gone Fishin' 23. The Matrix Survives
7. Autobot/Decepticon Battle 24. Ambush
8. City Under Siege 25. Another Leader Dies
9. Showdown 26. Judgment/Rescue
10. Death of Optimus Prime 27. All Hope Is Lost
11. Witness to a Funeral 28. Unusual Allies
12. Contest for Leadership 29. The Enemy Revealed
13. Transformation 30. Confrontation
14. Coronation 31. United Against the Enemy
15. Destruction of Moon Base One 32. In the Belly of the Monster
16. Destruction of Moon Base Two (Part 1) 33. Their Darkest Hour
17. Destruction of Moon Base Two (Part 2)

Vince DiCola - The Protoform Sessions
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"The Protoform Sessions" is a CD that was released at Botcon 2001 by 3H Enterprises and Vince DiCola. It includes early demos, outtakes, and alternate or extended versions of tracks from the score to TF:TM, each preceeded by a brief commentary by DiCola. It provides plenty of insight into the creation and evolution of an animated feature score. It also contains some tracks recorded as rehearsals for the Botcon 1997 concert with Stan Bush (minus the Stan Bush vocals).
Here is the track listing:
1. Greetings from Vince
2. Unicron's Theme (demo)
4. TFTM Title Theme (Ed Fruge version)
6. TFTM Title Theme (Gary Falcone version)
8. Attack on the Shuttle (demo)
10. Matrix Theme
12. Dare (Gary Falcone version)
14. Escape (demo)
16. No Mercy
18. Evil Decepticon Theme
20. Legacy (demo)
22. Gone Fishin' Suite
24. Attack on the Shuttle (Botcon '97 rehearsal version)
26. Death of Optimus Prime Suite (Botcon '97 rehearsal version)
28. Dare Suite (Botcon '97 rehearsal version)
Note: Track 28 also contains a 'hidden track' - the Botcon '97 rehearsal version of another famous DiCola theme

Vince DiCola - Artistic Transformations
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For Botcon 2001, 3H Enterprises and Vince DiCola released this CD which contains themes and variations of various music from the TF:TM music score, performed with just a solo piano. It is a testament to Vince DiCola and his amazing talent as well as the beauty of his compositions. You really have to hear the piano-only version of "Unicron's Theme" to understand why he is truly a genius.
Here is a track listing:
1. Unicron's Theme
2. 2005
3. Attack on the Shuttle
4. Gone Fishin'
5. Autobot/Decepticon Battle
6. City Under Siege/Showdown
7. Death of Optimus Prime
8. Contest for Leadership
9. The Suite
10. Dare (excerpts)

N.R.G. - Instruments of Destruction
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Ernie Petrangelo, guitarist, producer and writer from the band NRG (and formerly known as Ernie Burns) released this CD in 2001 for the 15th anniversary of TF:TM. It contains the original unedited version of Instruments of Destruction, as well as a 2001 remix of the song, along with many other NRG tracks. You can often find autographed copies of this CD on Ebay.
Here is a track listing:
1. Fallout (Petrangelo)
2. Abyss (Petrangelo)
3. Come And Get It (Petrangelo, Ward)
4. Instruments Of Destruction (2001) (Petrangelo, Serpa, Ward)
5. Something Evil (Petrangelo)
6. Lookin' (Petrangelo)
7. Lovin' On Borrowed Time (Petrangelo)
8. Good Time (Petrangelo)
9. When The Night Time Comes (Petrangelo)
10. Can't Stop Love (Petrangelo)
11. Instruments Of Destruction (unreleased, unedited version) (Petrangelo, Serpa, Ward)
12. Angels Live Forever (Petrangelo)

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