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Original animation cels from The Transformers: The Movie are extremely hard to come by, as very few of them were sent back from the Toei Animation company to the United States.

One person who had managed to bring a sizeable collection of TF:TM cels to the U.S. is long-time Tranformers fan Kevin Noonchester, whose father sells Japanese anime cels on his website at:

Here are some scans of some cels that were once a part of Mr. Noonchester's collection. Mr. Noonchester has since sold most of the cels you see here and they are now part of the collections of other Transfans.

Note that many of the background paintings attached to these cels do not come from the same scene as their foreground layers.

Additional images of TF:TM cels can be found at the Cybertron Cel Archive.

These cels were originally purchased from the longtime japanese animation cel dealer, Ed Noonchester. Ed Noonchester has been selling anime cels to american fans for over 20 years. Any cels with backgrounds from this film (usually stapled all around 4 sides of the cel and have tiny pencil markings on the back) can be traced back to him. I should know because I'm his son. He received these cels on consignment at the time of the film's release (1986) from an animator friend who originally was working on Gundam and other anime shows for Nippon Sunrise animation house in japan. That's it. About 20 or so cels with backgrounds made it over from the movie and were sold for about $15-$25 apiece for the nice ones. We received other cels from the TV show which are a smaller field size of I think 7 x 9 rather than the 10 x 12 size of the film's cels. All with backgrounds. Bigger budget = larger cels for more detail in the image.

Kevin Noonchester

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