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Series: Generation One

Function: Seacon Leader
Group: Seacon
" Broken Autobots never mend. "

Strength: 9
Intelligence: 7
Speed: 2
Endurance: 9
Rank: 8
Courage: 8
Firepower: 8
Skill: 8

Nicknamed "Butcher of the Bogs" after he singlehandedly scrapped an entire regiment of Autobots in the Toxic Sludge Swamps of Cybertron. Creates havoc and chaos wherever he goes. Calculating and malicious. As cold-hearted and cruel as any machine ever made. His battle tactics are smooth, methodical, and extremely effective. Armed with two rapid-fire, retractable, sonic-shell cannons. Eight turreted photon beam ports, semi-automatic atom-smasher rifle, incendiary sword. Combines with fellow Seacons to form Piranacon.