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Rescue Patrol
Series: Generation One

Function: Search & Rescue
Group: Autobot Micros
" The worst wrecks are my best patients. "
-- Fixit
" The hotter things get, the better I like it! "
-- Red Hot
" Without freedom of the seas, there is no freedom! "
-- Seawatch
" Sometimes you must go outside the law to enforce it! "
-- Stakeout
" True victory can only lie in the ability to locate and mend
the injured. "

Strength: 5
Intelligence: 8
Speed: 4
Endurance: 6
Teamwork: 9
Courage: 9
Co-operation: 9
Skill: 8

This fearless foursome braves the heaviest combat fire on land and sea to perform their assigned tasks. Fully equipped to administer emergency aid under the most adverse conditions: Seawatch has over-the-horizon radar and towing capability; Stakeout has a state-of-the-air communications dashboard; Fixit is outfitted with repair bay and life-function monitors; Red Hot contains fire-retardant chemical foam.