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Gripper {UK}
Series: Generation One

Function: Assault Force Leader
Group: Autobot Motorvator
" To go forward across unknown terrain is only the beginning... "

Strength: 9
Intelligence: 7
Speed: 6
Endurance: 8
Firepower: 6
Skill: 7

The tougher the terrain the better he likes it, with his mega-grip tires and super reinforced vehicular armor. Loaded with dual function Energon figure supplying wide-sweep radar and sonic scanner. Transforms to mighty Motorvator robot wielding crack calibre laser-blazer broadsword. Courage and pure strength are his trademarks. He commands immeasurable power as leader of the Motorvator assault force. Specifically developed Energon feature boosts quality Motorvator construction, providing an indestructable combination.