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Air Strike Patrol
Series: Generation One

Function: Espionage
Group: Decepticon Micros
" I prey like a vulture in the night. "
-- Nightflight
" Undetected in flight; undefeated in fight. "
-- Whisper
" Revenge is sweet, victory is sweeter. "
-- Tailwind
" The air is my playground. "
-- Storm Cloud
" The more tightly you hold a secret, the more we like ripping it away. "

Strength: 4
Intelligence: 8
Speed: 7
Endurance: 6
Teamwork: 2
Courage: 8
Co-operation: 2
Skill: 7

Spent years practicing in the mercury swamps of Cybertron. Perfected the "fly, spy, and fry" teamwork technique of stealing info and blasting their targets. Rank among the most capable and savviest of Decepticons. Constantly fight among themselves to take credit for the group's successes. Always blame each other for its failures. Their inability to get along is their greatest weakness.